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Modern apartment buildings

Modern apartment buildings

Condos With Drive Under Garages

Condos With Drive Under Garages

Apartment Building

Apartment Building

New Modern Apartment Buildings

New Modern Apartment Buildings

Are you a property manager or member of a homeowners association? Are you looking for a quality, dependable painting company that can meet the ongoing needs of your community? At SKY PAINTING, we understand exactly why it is important to be sure your investments are bright, fresh, and beautiful, and we are passionate about doing just that.

  • Exterior painting

  • Metal and wood railings

  • Balcony repaints

  • Waterproof coatings

  • Caulking services

  • Yearly maintenance

  • Free inspections

  • Free detailed proposals

  • Pressure washing

  • Interior common areas

  • Exterior common areas

  • Pool house and bathrooms

  • Gazebos

  • Stucco repairs

  • Wood repairs

  • Wood staining

  • Color consulting

Why Is Painting So Important?

Keeping the paint and stain around your community solid and strong does not just add beauty and style (as important as that might be). It also creates a sturdy first line of defense, protecting and preserving your surfaces in a practical, everyday way.


What are these practical benefits?

  • Slows natural deterioration due to exposure to sunlight, pollutants, rain, rot, external damage, etc.

  • Maintenance will extend the lifespan of your coating to its maximum potential

  • The amount of preparation time needed for the next project is drastically reduced

  • Resale value and realistic rental rates are increased

How Will Routine HOA Painting and Maintenance Actually Save You Money?

If you were to purchase a new car, would you drive it without ever changing the oil or servicing it until it died, then pay for a massive repair? Most likely not! We all would agree that paying for routine care is the best option, minimizing expenses and keeping your new car running strong for years.


Your property is very similar. Waiting until a catastrophic coating failure results in surface breakdown and the need for a larger-scale project. This is primarily because paint deterioration picks up speed with time, meaning that early, preventative attention is the most cost-effective way to keep your community looking fantastic and your budget on track. For more information about our maintenance philosophy, please take a look at our blog post here.

What Are Our HOA Painting Goals?

Here at SKY PAINTING, HOA painting and maintenance is a specialty of ours. Our goal for every task we undertake is really two-fold:

  • We want to make your job and life easier - As a member of an HOA, or in your role as property manager, we fully understand the demands and pressures you face. We put our experience and skill to work for you, offering stress-free, reliable services. In fact, Painting Happiness is our trademark!

  • We offer a quality experience that you can count on - From our friendly, professional team to a dedication to beautiful work, we want to create a positive painting experience as a whole for you and your community.

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